Private firearms/tactics training facility (Safest Shooting Range in Texas)

  • 7 Ranges 3-300 meters. Room for expansion/rappelling tower/MOUT/off-road
  • Tactical training area with established surface danger zones
  • Full size classroom = 25 students/ bunk house =8/ Gym (opening soon)
  • Pro-Shop and Snack bar offering food and tactical equipment/gear

Curriculum development personnel; programs made to your requirements

  • Curriculum developers with over 35 years of building lesson plans/training programs and certification syllabus (firearms, tactics, VBSS, PSD, Security)
  • Subject matter experts to serve your needs or the needs of your clients.

Our Instructors have developed, written and implemented the US Marine Corps Advisor Training Program.

  • Supported the US Navy EOD Training Evaluation Unit-1 Advanced Expeditionary Combat Skills and Intermediate Expeditionary Combat Skills Program.
  • Developed, implemented, and managed the US Navy Master-at-Arms Training program.
  • Wrote the US Air Force Continuing Development Course Vol. III for Security Forces Air Force Specialty Code covering Crew Served Weapons.
  • Deployed overseas and Managed contracts supporting the War on Terror.

Lone Star Weapons and Tactics LLC is different from the rest. We take pride in meeting your needs and offering our services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Our Cadre of Instructors have real world experience and will ensure your personnel or clients are trained to the highest standards possible. We build custom courses (not canned curriculum) to meet your needs. Sure… there are other training facilities in the country. Why are we different? We care about getting you and your personnel trained to the highest level possible. We use the best teaching practices out there and we know what works and what doesn’t. We are shooters and operators that have been there…done that…got the t-shirt and have come back to ensure others are trained properly.
Lone Star Weapons and Tactics LLC was built in 2005 to provide outstanding weapons and tactics training. We service Military/Federal/State and Local Law Enforcement personnel. Some of our clients are the Devine, Natalia, Lytle, Hondo, and San Antonio Police Departments as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Department of Wildlife Law Enforcement Agency. We have had FBI, DIA, DEA, US Air Force Security Forces, USAF Combat Arms, US Army, Marine Corps and other federal agencies utilize our training facility. The National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division has conducted their training courses here. We have also offered the Advanced Vehicle Operations program where students learn to shoot in/out/under and through a vehicle.

We provide training areas to accommodate you. We can conduct Post Blast Analysis as well as hostage negotiations and Business/School (active shooter) anti terrorist preparedness training. We also offer surveillance and counter surveillance training as well as sniper/counter sniper training and IED/VBIED training. Our Foreign Weapons Program (developed by Paul) is currently being used by the US Marine Corps and is being considered by the US Navy. We teach you how to defeat the threat. We provide multiple scenarios and use less than lethal training equipment to simulate real world situations to ensure your personnel are fully prepared for all contingencies.

Paul and Dawn Brzostek Owners

Give Paul a call and talk about what LSWAT can do for you. You will not be disappointed. Our costs are almost half of what our competition offers. We own the place and do not have huge overhead or profit margins. Our integrity and pride in ownership ensures your personnel are fully trained to counter and defeat the threat.